Workpool knows the right way

In the field of warehouse logistics, Workpool offers its customers in the European area, flexible service features and supply of services that are tailored to the individual customer requirements. Just for small and medium-sized enterprises or companies with seasonal fluctuations in demand this represents an advantage in terms of cost efficiency. Our product range for well-known customers from all sectors is supplemented by extensive value added services.

Services of warehouse logistics:

Loading and unloading / storage

  • Truck
  • Container
  • Sorting / searching out


  • Individual packaging services / co-packing activities
  • Blister packs
  • Foil packs
  • Repackaging in various packing units according to customer's requirements
  • Repacking measures according to the import regulations in some countries

Packaging assembly

  • Packaging assembly of product samples
  • Packaging assembly of sales articles

Tagging / Labeling

  • Price marking
  • Special marking
  • Labeling / Relabeling


  • Build on demand / Build to order
  • Assembly of components

Advertising actions

  • Attaching of information brochures
  • Attaching of promotional items
  • Attaching of Give-aways