Because success needs strong partners

As Polish specialist for service features and supply of services, Workpool cares for companies from the sectors of production, industry, warehouse / logistics, craft and care. Tailored to the needs of our international customers, Workpool offers customized and reliable service features and supply of services with the care of saving resources (Services / Value Added Services / Staff).

Specialists who are committed to you.

Our most important task is to find out, what you really need. For any business situation, we set then appropriate services together.

Over entire process chain your project is managed in our company by selected and specialized employees and supported actively.

The success gives us right. Especially on the European market, we have a very large satisfied customer base, at small to medium-sized businesses.

Workpool has the courage to move the market with a clear profile and to point the way. It is the inner attitude that sets us apart, to be successful with experts to do a perfect job, and to share the success. Only this who moves can take advantage of opportunities for new perspectives.

Convince yourself.